Institute of Experimental Endocrinology and Oncology "G.Salvatore"

Director Prof. Edoardo Consiglio

c/o Department of  Cellular and Molecular Biology and Pathology "L.Califano"

Via Pansini 5 (Building 19) - 80131 Napoli

Phone 081 /7463036 - fax 081/ 7701016

Institute for Plant Protection 

Section of Portici - Naples

Director of Section: Prof. Gennaro Viggiani

c/o Department of Arboricolture, Botany and Vegetal Pathology

Via UniversitÓ 100 - Portici (Na)

Phone 081 /7753658

Institute of Biostructures and Bioimaging

Section of Naples

Director of Section: Prof. Arturo Brunetti

c/o Department of Biomorphological and Functional Sciences (Prof. Marco Salvatore)

Via Pansini 5 (Bulding 10)

Phone 081 /746 2101

Human and Veterinary Medicine Research Center on Environmental Effects on Pathology - Pathology and Environment

Director: Prof. Franco Roperto

Via Veterinaria 1 - Napoli

Research Center for the study of human genetic diseases (hereditary and acquired) and animal models
Director: Prof. Francesco Salvatore

Via Pansini 5 (Building 19) - 80131 Napoli

Phone 081/7464966


Research Center of  Functional Genetics (GEAR)
Scientific Director: Prof. Tommaso Russo
Project manager: Prof. Antonio Balestrieri

c/o Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biotechnologies
   Via Pansini 5 (Building 19) - 80131 Napoli

Phone 081/7464395 / Fax 081/7463650

e.mail: balestrieri@dbbm.unina.it


"Azienda Universitaria Policlinico" (University Hospital)

Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

General Director: Dott. Carlo Marmo

Via Pansini 5 - Napoli

Phone 081 /746 1111

"Azienda Agraria Universitaria di Torre Lama" (University Farm)

Faculty of Agrarian Sciences

Director: Prof. Giancarlo Barbieri

President of the Council: Prof. Vincenzo Cocozza

84092 Bellizzi (Sa) - Torre Lama

Phone 0828/51110