Interdepartmental ReSEARCH CENTERS

Research Center for Instrumental Analysis
Director: Prof. Alfonso Mangoni

Administrative Secretary: Dr. G.Cacciapuoti

c/o Faculty of Pharmacy - Via Montesano, 49 - Naples

Phone 081/678 124 Fax 081/678 552 - 678 107

Research Center on Aquaculture (CRIAq)
Director: Prof. Aldo Bordi

Administrative Secretary: Dr. L.Saporito

Via UniversitÓ - Portici (Na)

Center for Veterinary Radiology
Director: Dr. Leonardo Meomartino

Administrative Secretary: Mr. Gennaro Viscardi

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - Via Delpino 1 - Naples

Phone 981 2536048 - Fax 081 2536043

Research Center on Pharmaco-economy and Pharmaceutics
Director: Prof. Enrico Abignente di Frassello

Administrative Secretary: Mr. Vincenzo Palermo

Faculty of Pharmacy - Via Montesano, 49 - Naples

Center for Preclinical and Clinical Research on Sexual Medicine
Director: Prof.

Administrative Secretary: Mr. Luigi Fiorentino

Faculty of Pharmacy - Via Montesano, 49 - Naples

Dpt. Obstetrical, Gynecological, Urological Sciences and Reproductive Medicine

Research Center for Basic and Clinical Immunology
Director: Prof. Gianni Marone

Administrative Secretary: Dr. Renata D'Amico

Dpt. Clinical Medicine and Cardiovascular and Immunological Sciences

Via Pansini 5 - 80131 Naples



Research Center on Birds and Rabbits - Varcaturo
Director: Prof. Alessandro Fioretti

c/o Department of Animal Pathology and Welfare - Section of Avian Pathology

Via Staffetta  42 - 80014 Giugliano (Naples)

Phone 081/509 1993