Scientific Committee

President: Prof. Giancarlo Vecchio

Representatives of Professors

1 Prof. Angelo Raffaele Bianco Dpt. of Endocrinology and Molecular and Clinical Oncology
2 Prof. Lina Chianese Dpt. of Food Sciences
3 Prof. Giuseppe Cirino Dpt. of Experimental Pharmacology
4 Prof. Gaetano De Rosa Dpt. of Biomorphological and Functional Sciences
5 Prof. Franca Esposito Dpt. of Medical Biochemistry and Biotechnologies
6 Prof. Giovanni Greco Dpt. of Pharmaceutical and Toxicological Chemistry
7 Prof. Paola Maiolino Dpt. of Pathology and Animal Health
8 Prof. Giancarlo Vecchio Dpt. of Cellular and Molecular Biology and Pathology "L.Califano"
9 Prof. Alfredo Vittoria Dpt. of Biological Structures, Functions and Technologies

Representatives of  Researchers

1 Dr. Carmine Amalfitano Dpt. of Soil, Plant and Atmosphere Sciences
2 Dr. Carlo de Werra Dpt. of General, Geriatric and Oncologic Surgery and Advanced Technologies
3 Dr. Rosanna Martinelli Dpt. of Medical Biochemistry and Biotechnologies
4 Dr. Vincenzo Peretti Dpt. of Zootechnical Sciences and Food Inspection
5 Dr. Antonio Randazzo Dpt. of Chemistry of Natural Substances

Representatives of the Administrative, Technical and Auxiliary Staff 

1 Carmine Uccello Dpt. of Pediatrics