Board of Department Directors

President Prof. Luciano Mayol 
Vice-President Prof. Silvestro Damiano


Deans of Faculties:
  Agrarian Sciences
  Medicine and Surgery
  Veterinary Medicine


Directors of Departments:
  Arboricolture, Botany and Vegetal Pathology
  Medical Biochemistry and Biotechnologies
  Cellular and Molecular Biology and Pathology "L.Califano"
  Chemistry of Natural Substances
  Pharmaceutical and Toxicological Chemistry
  General, Geriatric and Oncologic Surgery and Advanced Technologies
  Economy and Agrarian Politics
  Endocrinology and Molecular and Clinical Oncology
  Entomology and Agrarian Zoology "Filippo Silvestri"
  Experimental Pharmacology


Agrarian Engineering and Territorial Agronomy


Clinical Medicine and Cardiovascular and Immunological Sciences


Clinical and Experimental Medicine


Public Medicine and Social Security


Neurological Sciences


Pathology and Animal Health


Systemic Pathology




Food Sciences


Biomorphological and Functional Sciences


Surgical and Anesthesiological Sciences, Intensive Medicine and Emergiences


Surgical, Orthopedic and Traumatological Sciences and Emergencies


Clinical Veterinary Sciences


Soil, Plant and Atmosphere Sciences


Preventive Medicine


Neurological Sciences


Dentistry and MaxiloFacial Surgery


Ophtalmological Sciences


Obstetrical, Gynecological, Urological Sciences and Reproductive Medicine


Zootechnical Sciences and Food Inspection


Directors of Interdepartment Research Centers:
  Instrumental Analysis
  Aquaculture (CRIAq)
  Veterinary Radiology